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Employee Background Screening

Background screening is vital for employers to protect their businesses from legal hassles arising out of negligent hiring. It minimizes the cost of replacement hiring, which can be as much as five times the salary of the post to be filled. Background screening gives businesses a better quality of employee. Applicants with a history of undesirable conduct or drug abuse can be quickly identified and weeded out, creating a safe and productive workplace for employees.

Our researchers and investigators have developed an extensive network. This includes a close working relationship with members of the universities and colleges, local police, courts, companies for Employment verification and education departments of governments. This provides us with quick and ready access to information that is authentic and accurate.

Services Offered -

Krib Information Services has provides comprehensive, innovative employment screening and verification services that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the workplace.

These Services are Provided by Krib Information Services :

Education Qualification Verification
This check involves assessment of educational & professional qualifications from the University/College.

Past and Current Employment Verification :
The check involves assessment of previous and current employment details such as Employment duration; designations held, remuneration, skills etc.

Professional Reference Check :
The check involves assessment of Applicant’s personal Integrity and professional references.

Address Verification :
This check involves verification of the permanent & current address of the applicant.

Criminal Record Verification :
This search involves the verification from the law enforcement authorities on the possibility of criminal cases.

Database Searches :
A comprehensive search is conducted on national databases to check any potential criminal background.

Drug Test :
This check delivers a full range of effective drug screening solutions using only certified and renowned pathology labs

Identity Check :
Validate the Identity of prospective Applicants.

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