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Document Management

When it comes to choosing a partner for document management outsourcing, Krib Information Services would be an excellent choice. We are the ground zero for Document Management Services. We transform paper documents to electronic documents thereby simplifying your business processes. The process of scanning and converting paper documents to digital images is referred to as the Electronic Documentation.

The scanned paper to electronic documents is managed as images files, web file, portable documents, office utility files etc. Electronic documents can be easily stored, organized, managed and retrieved in the business groove.

Accumulating and Assorting True Documents:
The whole electronic management process begins with the collection of data from our clients, which is received by us in the paper document form. These paper documents are digitized by a scanning process. The true copies are later sorted out in a clear format to avoid any confusion and to make sure they are faster to retrieve. All tags and pins are removed during the scanning process.

Document Scanning and Conversion:
Our scanning process ensures that you get the best results each and every time. We use modern and high speed scanning machines which ensure the job gets done on time and are accurate. We take care of all type of document scanning which also includes medical document scanning. The scanned images are analyzed, edited, and compiled to turn them as digitized documents. The OCR/ICR software we use modifies the image files to digitized formats.

Document Indexing/Coding:
Indexing makes your document accessibility easier. We index your scanned documents based on various information and fields such as name, customer/ product id, document code, date, client details, department details and so on. Krib Information Services’ document Indexing Service enables you to organize the digital documents and help you quicken your document search and retrieval.

Document Archiving and Retrieval:
All our documents are archived and stored using various storage means. At Krib Information Servicess we use the avant-grade data bases and technologies to archive your electronic/ digital documents. We protect your digital documents using our authenticated document archival which also enables us to retrieve data in a short span of time. All digitized documents are stored and shipped through memory disks, ftp and mails. For added security all digitized documents are stored in a centralized warehouse which is secured and accessible only by authorized users via Internet.

Electronic Document Management benefits your organization in various ways;

  • Compressed storage space
  • Highly resistive against calamities
  • Easier to store, share, and transport
  • Reduces the technology and human resource costs
  • Expeditious document search and retrieval
  • Offers high security and integrity to the documents
  • Enables accessibility to multiple copies of the documents
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