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Krib Information Services is one of India's leading risk mitigation and solutions provider with five distinct practice areas of Employer Services, Data Processing Services, Software Service, Document Management Service and Training. Krib Information Services is primarily Background Verification Company that provides Employee Background verification services in PAN India from small businesses to large multi-nationals.

Krib Information Services has provides comprehensive, innovative employment screening and verification services that enhance the safety, security and efficiency of the workplace. As one of the pioneers in corporate security and risk mitigation, American Background has experienced continuous growth over the years with an exponential demand for services accompanying the 21st century. The Company Group is headquartered in Noida in India, with branches in all Metro and more than 30 associates across the country.

Our diligent employment background screening capabilities provide important and current information to the clients. Our employee background check programs can make the difference in helping ensure your candidates are who they say they are.

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